The backbone of 60 national teams

The backbone of 60 national teams

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At STAG we have been building the best  over four generations where Innovation, Passion,  Experience, Service, Quality and Creation work in unison  giving the highest regard to customer satisfaction. With a vision to challenge the ordinary and create products that not just revolutionise sport but also push the boundaries of what is expected, STAG has always been a pioneer of change since its incorporation in 1922 by the visionary Lala Arjan Das Kohli. 

As on 2021, we are a proud sponsor of 60 Country federations through its outreach program partnering with Indian High Commissions. 

 From pioneering the first roll out tables in India in 1982 to producing equipment that champions across 202 nations are proud to use, our team over over 300 employees carry on the company's mission to produce and provide equipment that not only meets quality standards but  timely schedules too. 

 Led by the passionate duo Mr Rakesh Kohli & Mr Vivek Kohli who’s serious business and sheer compassion has established Stag International as one of the most reputed Indian sports brands globally in TT, a game with the second-largest number of federation affiliations worldwide, after volleyball. 

With 5 times world champion Peter Karlsson being STAG’s brand ambassador  in 2007 has been a tremendous boost for the brand across the globe. This partnership has worked very well as he shares the same values for the development and love of the sport. 



 The programme called “Sport for All – Equipment for All”, aims to provide equal opportunities for underprivileged people around the world to have access to sports’ equipment and to promote health for ALL through sport, addressing the remotest parts of the world. Stag provides the equipment to kickstart the development and ITTF provides the coaches who lend their expertise and enable learning.

An avowed aim of Stag is to provide opportunities to those for whom sport is currently denied. An international initiative at the service of peace, intervenes in areas made vulnerable by extreme poverty, recent conflict or lack of social cohesion.

 Over the last 100 years, our big family has crossed the borders and grown across 202 countries! 

 At STAG, we serve not for years, but for generations!  



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