Stag Americas

Stag Americas

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Stag Americas – The Champions Choice


Featured over the years at the top global tournaments including the US Open, the World Veteran Championships, The Youth Olympic Championships & European Championship, the Stag Americas table is the clear choice of the champions!


The Stag Americas is an ITTF approved table that has a 25mm competition level international standard playing surface constructed durably for zero vibrations making it’s the perfect fit for both personal and professional use! The high qualltiy surface  is protected by the DuPont Polyurethan Anti Glare point which offers stellar bounce and feel. The precision and uniformity of bounce makes the table stand up to the test of time!


The Stag America takes only 7 minutes to set up and comes with premium and sturdy snap on height adjustable net set (ITTF Approved).




25mm table top

The Stag Americas table tennis table features a 25mm top to offer quality play and exceptional performance. The high-quality surface is protected by the DuPont Polyurethane Anti Glare paint which offers stellar bounce and durability. The outstanding finish lends a uniformity of bounce and makes the table stand up to the test of time.

Durable construction with zero vibration

Stag table tennis tables are constructed using quality wood and wood derivatives, making them ideal for personal as well as professional use. The use of wood, plywood and metal makes this table stable and durable, providing excellent play standard. Choose this zero-vibration table to experience the precision of professionals during game time.

Indoor table with superior play position

The Stag Americas table opens up completely flat to allow a flawless experience while playing. The superbly crafted indoor professional table is 2.74m in length, 1.525m in width and 76cm in height, thus keeping with the international professional standards. Set it up in any indoor space and practise your game with confidence.

Superfast assembly

This indoor table tennis table from Stag requires an assembly time of 7 minutes. Spend less time struggling with assembly and more time practising with this superior table from Stag. The TTFI-approved brand provides unbeatable support for any professional or budding champion with a wide range of professional and practice tables.

Playback mode

One of the most notable features of the Stag Americas table tennis table is that it allows you to practise your skills in your own time by playing solo. With the integration of the Playback Mode, you can easily unfold half the table and use it to train yourself, even without a partner.

Lockable 100mm caster wheels

Equipped with eight wheels, this Stag table offers the convenience of smooth mobility. You can adjust the table as you see fit and place it at any corner of the room to facilitate the perfect practice session. Four of the wheels come with locks to ensure safety and stability of the table.

Comes with a net set

The Stag Americas professional table comes with a sturdy net set so that you can set it up immediately. The superior net provides a flawless surface finish along with excellent dent resistance. Net assembly with this set is a hassle-free affair.

Racquets and balls included

This table tennis table includes 2 Stag All Round racquets and 3 Stag Three Star balls. Prepare yourself for your next club match with this all-inclusive table from Stag.

Foldable for storage convenience

Folding your table will increase its longevity by keeping it safe from environmental dust. When you are done with the match, just fold up the table and move it to any corner for convenience. The cover keeps the table protected when stored.