STAG at the 2022 Table Tennis US Nationals!

STAG at the 2022 Table Tennis US Nationals!

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Being a part of the US Nationals and working closely with USATT to  grow the sport across the United States is always something we at STAG have been proud of. It’s always a great feeling being surrounded by such immense talent of all ages! Celebrating the spirit of  the athlete and love for the sport has been an integral part of STAG's mission.

 With several different categories and around  800+ athletes participating, at the 2022 Table Tennis US Nationals at Fort Worth, Texas was no less than a testament to the growing popularity of the game. What made this event even more successful was the exchange of the very best of the US talent bought forward at the event.

 When asked what Table Tennis meant to Rakesh Kohli, the CEO of STAG says “Table Tennis means everything to me. It brings out the passion that also runs in the veins of every member of STAG’s team”. Partnering with USATT is an honour  as it extends Mr. Kohli’s dream of spreading the love for Table Tennis  and ensuring that every athlete gets quality equipment at affordable prices. “Our aim in the US market is to reach out to more people, educate them to benefit from  the sport and in some cases to even  nurture players, work with them closely to unleash their skill. “As a passionate  Table tennis  brand, we want to make Table Tennis more accessible for everyone in the United States”.

 In the midst of the competition, the STAG booth had its very own mini tournament – the STAG Trick Shot Challenge which was met with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. It didn’t matter if you were ranked no. 1 in the world or no. 1,000, the STAG Trick Shot Challenge leveled the playing field giving equal opportunity to every Table Tennis fan. From athletes as young as 7 to players over 70, the challenge unleashed the players talent to a different level! It was a great feeling to watch people come over to the STAG booth with so much passion and to keep trying different shots until they scored the points they wanted or won goodies for their exclusive skills. As Mr. Kohli says “Table Tennis is my passion and that’s what drives me!”

The 2022 Table Tennis US Nationals featured the STAG Americas table which comes with a 25mm table top and is known for its high performance with consistency in bounce. The table has been used for some of the biggest tournaments across the globe like the US Open, the Youth Olympics, many European championships  and is a known to be a favorite amongst the pros!

Working with USATT has been an experience STAG will always cherish as they share the same goals – working towards the betterment of the sport. Together, along with you and  our #stagusafamily we will make sure that Table Tennis reaches every home and every heart in the United States of America!