STAG Americas -  The choice of CHAMPIONS!

STAG Americas - The choice of CHAMPIONS!

What makes the STAG Americas the preferred table for most major international tournaments? The answer is simple. It is the literal choice of CHAMPIONS!

Featured over the years at the top global tournaments including the US Open, the World Veteran Championships, The Youth Olympic Championships & European Championship, the Stag Americas table is the clear choice of the champions!

With a 25mm top board, the STAG Americas boasts of the best playing surface with consistent bounce and feel with zero vibrations. Playing on the STAG Americas table is an experience by itself for both, professional use and pleasure.

The IITF Approved table comes with a sturdy snap on net (also ITTF Approved) that is easy to set up. The net provides a flawless playing experience with easy and hassle free height adjustment.

The STAG America takes only 25 minutes to set up and comes with premium and sturdy snap on height adjustable net set (ITTF Approved).

The STAG Americas table has been the go to table for: 

  • US Nationals 2022
  • The World Veteran Championship 2014 & 2022
  • US Open Championship 2019 & 2021
  • Youth Olympic Championship 2018
  • European Championship 2018
  • Youth World Championship 2015 – 2017

The table is easy to fold up for storage and its quick set up time makes it the perfect table to practice on. Whether you are hosting a tournament for your neighbors, practicing for a championship, spending family time or just letting loose, know this, when you choose to play on the STAG Americas, you are choosing the table of champions!


STAG Americas Technical Details:



Frame Material

‎Mild Steel

Included Components

‎Table Tennis Table

Material Type


Material Composition


Skill Level



‎Table Tennis



Country of Origin